Paracaidismo en Roma | Salto en Tándem en Roma | Salto en Paracaídas en Roma Experiencia Exclusiva

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  • Mayores de 18 años
  • Roma Neptuno

Paracaidismo en Roma |Salto en tándem en Roma| Experiencia exclusiva de salto en paracaídas en Roma
Salto en tándem y paracaidismo en la primera experiencia de Skydive de Roma. Disfrute de un hermoso paisaje. Salto en paracaídas en tándem cerca de Roma.0
A unique adrenaline-filled experience on the Roman coast with Parachute Jump in Tandem.
The tandem jump will occur near Rome Nettuno on the Roman sea coast.
Rome launches with a tandem parachute to experience the thrill of flight accompanied by an experienced instructor.
Your holiday can be extraordinary and unforgettable with a pinch of adrenaline and adventure.
We can offer the experience of tandem skydiving, or if you have more time, you can get the AFF certification following the 5-day course.
It is also possible to have experience in parachutes in Amalfi and on the Cilento coast. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to book or ask for extra information !!
Experience the thrill of flight accompanied by an experienced instructor. Rome Skydiving | The jump will occur in Nettuno, near Rome on the Roman coast. After a lecture in which you will be given the necessary information, you will board a plane that will take you to an altitude of 4000+ meters. During the flight, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape and a unique view of the Roman coastline. After reaching the required altitude, will start your Parachute Jump in Tandem. Attached to your instructor, you will experience the thrill of free-falling down to over 200 km / h for about 50 seconds.

Paracaidismo en Roma |Salto en tándem en Roma| Experiencia exclusiva de salto en paracaídas en Roma

Paracaidismo en Roma |Salto en tándem en Roma| Experiencia exclusiva de salto en paracaídas en Roma

At this point, the instructor will open the two-seater parachute, and your skydiving will continue with a placid flight of 5 minutes where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the sea and the La campiña romana. With the appropriate controls and your instructor’s help, you will steer your parachute to a safe and comfortable landing. If you want, all your experience, from initial preparation to landing, can be filmed and enclosed in a DVD that will be delivered immediately after the experience along with a special certificate of participation.
The location where the Parachute Jump in Tandem begins and ends is a beautiful oasis surrounded by woods and fields, with a sun terrace, garden, playground, and farm with typical cuisine. Even your companions will be able to enjoy a pleasant day. No need for any patent or license for the Parachute Jump in Tandem since the instructor has all the practical and theoretical knowledge needed.
Rome tandem jumping – Extras that can be included in the package:

Video in HD Experience Euro 50,00
Video in HD and photo experience Euro 75,00

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You will receive a jumping suit, helmet, goggles, and gloves.
Rome tandem jumping – Requirements for carrying your Parachute Jump In Tandem:

  • 18 years
  • Present a valid ID
  • Sportswear
  • Weighing less than 100kg
  • Good health

The experience is as follows: the phases of flight training briefings and safety precautions, dressing in a suit, helmet, and goggles, airplane flight to reach 4000 meters (rise time to launch share: 15 minutes), with skydiving freefall of about 50 seconds and parachute flight of 5 min, landing. Parachute Jump in Tandem is available every Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.
Rome tandem jumping – Includes:

  • Pre-launch consultation
  • Flight by plane
  • Equipment
  • Parachute jump from 4000 meters
  • Launch certificate