Vaticano Tour privati

Vaticano Tour privati

Vatican Private Tours | Vatican Guided Tours. Vatican Museum Tour, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Expert Tour Guide, Skip the line Tickets | Special deals for large groups and Corporate events on request. Enter the Vatican after the General Public’s regular open hours. Exclusive after-hours access and guided tours.

We provide customized tours of the Vatican Museums, VIP service, and private tours of the Vatican City, including priority entrance. Skip the line with our Vatican tours. You can visit the Vatican City, the Vatican Museums, the Chapel Sistina, Raffaello Camere, and St. Peter’s Basilica. The itineraries of the tours are customized and planned according to your needs. We can organize tours for individuals, small or large groups, or families with kids. All Vatican private tours are always available according to your needs and wishes, we take special care of our customers, and our Tours are ideal for novice visitors and experts. Our routes are customized to your needs. 

They are suitable for children or the disabled on request. Private Vatican Tours | Our tour guides are professional, friendly, and experts in art history, architecture, and archeology. We are selected from the best official tour guides operating in Vatican City. Our tour guides are happy to share your enthusiasm and knowledge to make your holiday in Italy memorable. Contact us to book your favorite tour in Città del Vaticano with your preferred date. Tours suitable for the elderly, disabled, and teenagers !!! Skip the Line – Skip-the-line tours, special admissions to visit the most important sites. Private Vatican Tours | Our professional and experienced local tour guides will take you on unforgettable private tours of the Vatican.

Vatican Private Tours | Selection of the best private or group guided tours of the Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica, Tickets
Vaticano Tour privati

The best and most complete private or group guided tours to the Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, Crypts and Tombs, Catacombs, Gardens, Castelgandolfo, etc. Vatican tours and private itineraries can be customized and organized for individuals and for small or large groups. We can organize exclusive services for corporate events, anniversaries or special occasions. The Vatican City – Private Vatican Tours CONSTITUTED OF 44 HECTARES, the territory of Vatican City is the smallest State in the world. It is, in essence, St. Peter’s Square, the homonymous basilica, the gardens, and the palaces, scattered on the slopes of the hill. The whole is surrounded by walls that can be occupied by five access points: the most important, which is located between Bernini’s colonnade and the Palazzo del S. Uffizio, towards the Audience Hall built by Pier Luigi Nervi under Paul YOU; the Bronze Door, which is the entrance to the building; the Arco delle Campane, located to the left of the facade of the basilica; the Porta S. Anna, which overlooks the services; and the entrance to the Museums. Private Vatican Tours | The square is freely accessible, except during the sessions with the ciliars and the official visits of the heads of State; the police service is entrusted by mutual agreement, for security reasons, to the Italian State. Tour privati di Roma!

The approximately one thousand residents who have citizenship enjoy the right, which is the expression of belonging to a national statute and the recognition of a particular community to exercise a function at the service of the Holy See. Sistine Chapel – Private Vatican Tours THE WONDERFUL FRESCOES painted by the best painters of the 15th century (Perugino, Botticelli, Rosselli, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, Piero di Cosimo) tell the life of Moses on the right wall and the life of Jesus on the left. At the behest of Julius II, Michelangelo painted the frescoes on the vault, representing the universe’s creation and the history of humanity up to Noah; furthermore, by order of Paul III, he painted the Last Judgment (1535-1541). Private Vatican Tours | These splendid frescoes attract more and more large crowds. We can admire the 390 characters, including many over two meters in height, arranged on an area of more than 200 m².In the Last Judgment, the Dies Irae of the last period of the Renaissance, in the center, emerges, among the damned and the elect, the image of Christ, the judge. The chapel’s vault has been the subject of a wise and faithful restoration, which has restored the original splendor of Michelangelo’s colors.

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