Moses Of Michelangelo | Church of St. Peter’s in Chains | Tour in Rome

Tour in Rome
Moses Of Michelangelo | Church St. Peter's in Chains | Tour in Rome
Moses Of Michelangelo | Church St. Peter’s in Chains | Tour in Rome

Moses Of Michelangelo | Church of St. Peter’s in Chains | Tour in Rome

Rome Church of San Pietro in Vincoli (St. Peter’s in Chains) is also called Basilica Endossiana. It was built in the V century by order of “Eudossia”, wife of Valentinianus III, to receive St. Peter’s chains. It was rebuilt under Sixtus IV and modernized by Fr. Fontana in 1705.

An early Renaissance portico precedes the Facade. Under the entrance, the marble Door. Interior: divided into three naves by 20 fluted columns. The central nave: tribune painted by Giac. Coppi, in the back marble Episcopal Cathedra. The Main Altar: under the Tabernacle have kept the chains with which the Apostle was fettered in Palestine. Right nave: in the back, Mausoleum of Julius II with Michelangelo’s famous statue of Moses. Left Nave: Altar with a Deposition by Pomarancio. Tomb of Cardinal Cusano, with a bas-relief by Bregno. The Sacristy has a carved wooden door of the XVI-Century. In the first room, Liberation of St. Peter by Domenichino and the Savior by Guercino. Right of the Church, entering from Via Eudossiana, the Cloister by Giuliano da Sangallo.
Moses of Michelangelo | Rome
The statue of Moses is imposing (height 2.5 meters), with powerful arms, a severe and penetrating look. In the arms are the sacred tablets of the ten commandments. Two horns sprout on the head, representing the rays of divine light as described in the Hebrew scriptures.
An expressive statue that transmits energy and represents  Moses in the process of getting up. His face is frowned upon and angry, and his piercing and severe gaze are turned to the Israelites worshiping a pagan god, a golden calf. The effects that Michelangelo managed to impress on the marble are incredible. In the statue of Moses, action and vibrations are perceptible in every detail; in the veins, the arms, the legs, feet. The beard seems to move and follow the movement of the body of Moses. The prophet seems to be about to get up and meet you with all his divine power, releasing pure energy, the energy of God.

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