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Rome Rental audio receivers wireless-Whisper-system WI FI, whisper-system wireless microphones, audio, wireless microphone, rent audio-receivers devices in Rome Rome Rental audio receivers wireless – Rome headset to tour groups – Whisper-system WI FI, radio guides for groups – two-way radios for tour guides – microphone for tour guides – Rental earphones for guided tours in Rome. Rome Rental radio guides – wireless microphone – Rental and sale Wireless FM radio guides and audio guides, whisper-system digital wireless microphones for group tours. Radio guides for tour guides for guided tours of museums and monuments. Rent audio-receivers devices in the Rome AudioGuide Radioguide system. Better service quality and compliance with the rules the Radioguide with wireless microphone for tour guides must wear in numerous tourist sites such as the Capitoline Museums, the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. Perfect and convenient for group tours. Radio guidance devices of the highest quality are small and light—wi-fi microphones for tour guides and radios with earphones.

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There is only one way to get a special day: everything should be perfect. That’s what we have manufactured for over ten years, updating our every year our radio-guides, always using the best and most modern receivers’ audio systems on the market, organizing each service with care and participation, and being flexible to your requests, thanks to widespread distribution throughout Italy, to maintain low costs and excellent quality.  Thousands of customers who have used our radio can confirm that our whisper, our audio systems for their guided tours, cruises, business visits, translations in meetings and conferences of prestige, and AudioGuide in the most important Italian museums. Contact us: you can have our direct assistance in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Pisa, Siena, Cassino, Sorrento, Ferrara, and if you need earphones in other places, in one day wherever we can send our audio systems Secure delivery and guaranteed. You can hear comfortably and without disturbance. Rome Rental audio-receivers wireless – Headsets Whisper-system WI FI in Rome Rome Rental audio-receivers wireless – Whisper-system WI FI, whisper-system wireless microphones, audio, wireless microphone, rent audio-receivers devices in Rome OUR SERVICES


  • Daily rental Halfday and Fullday
  • Rent a “tour” for up to 10 days without a battery change
  • Long rent 3, 6, 12, 24 months
  • Official Entry in S.pietro Basilica
  • Custom Rates


  • Professional systems for Translating & Interpreting
  • Best prices from Euro 1.50
  • very high quality material (es.Sennheiser)
  • Cabins, meeting rooms, and interpreters on request
  • Up to 10 languages and 3000 listeners
  • fully wireless systems


  • Rental audio guides
  • Creation Audio guided tours
  • Voice and professional translation
  • studio recordings
  • Customized Payments

Rome Rental Audio Receivers Wireless Audio Receivers device
Rome Rental Audio Receivers Wireless Audio Receivers device
Rome Rental audio receivers wireless | Whisper-system WI FI, wireless microphones, audio, microphone. Rental earphones for guided tours

HEADPHONES Sale to the detail and all ‘wholesale of all kinds of earphones We take special care of our clients, and our tours are ideal for first-time visitors and experts. Our itineraries are personalized to your needs and are suitable for children or the disabled on request.Our tour guides are professional, friendly, and experts in art, history, architecture, archaeology, and Gastronomy. Rome Customized Tours | We are selected among the best official tour guides in Rome, Vatican City, and Italy. Our tour guides are pleased to share the enthusiasm and knowledge to make your holiday in Italy memorable. Contact us with your preferred date to book your selected tour in Rome. Rome private tours are suitable for seniors, the disabled, and kids!!!  Rome tours – Skip the line – No lines tours, individual entrances to visit the most important sites.Rome Tour guides, Skip the line, guided Tours of Rome VIP service, Rome customized Tours itineraries official tours, Rome – Italy.

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