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Posted on May 4, 2022
Tiber River In Rome (Tevere) | Tour in Rome River Cruise
Tiber River in Rome | Tour in Rome

Tiber River In Rome (Tevere)| Tour in Rome

Tiber River. Every civilization in human history originated on the banks of a river, and water has always played a leading role in its evolution. The link between Rome and its River Tiber is intrinsic. Rome exists because there is the Tiber. The legend and history of Rome begin on the banks of what will become the sacred river of the Romans, who identified it in a divinity called “Marforio”. On the banks of this river, the basket, in which there were Romulus and Remus, ran aground. Not far from Tiber Island. In a slight bend in the shade of the trees, a she-wolf, an animal symbolizing Rome, saved the twins who later founded Rome on 21 April 753 BC.

The Eternal City evolved from a small rural village to the most powerful in ancient history. Today the Tiber is still there; it silently flows under the bridges framing between its bends splendid and imposing monuments witnesses of the past glories. Castel Sant’Angelo (Mausoleo d’Adriano),St. Peter’s Basilica, the Foro Boarium, the Circus Maximus, and the Colosseum are like gems crowning a necklace, the River Tiber.
The Tiber, for the Romans, was also a communication route, a natural highway with ports, warehouses, and markets on its banks. The Tiber River was so important that a district of Rome took its name Trastevere, whose inhabitants are called Trasteverini. Trastevere is perhaps one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Rome and which best represents it. A neighborhood full of alleys, squares, fountains, and excellent restaurants where you can taste the excellent Roman cuisine and drink a superb wine entertained by the music of street artists.

Tiber River In Rome (Tevere) | Tour in Rome River Cruise
Tiber River
Rome River Tiber | Tour in Rome

The mouth of the Tiber is in Ostia, a seaside resort just a few minutes from the center of Rome. Ostia Antica was the main seaport of the capital of the Roman Empire, and here it is still possible to admire its well-preserved ruins today. The Tiber has only one island in the center of Rome, the most important being the Tiber Island. This island, on which the Temple of Aesculapius once stood and which was used to quarantine the plague victims, today houses one of the oldest hospitals in the world, the Fatebenefratelli, built-in 1585—introduced Revolutionary health solutions in this hospital. For the first time in the history of mankind, the sick were divided according to their pathology. 300 meters long and 90 meters wide, from the 1st century BC., the Tiber island is like a ship docked on the banks of the Tiber and held by two bridges that are 2000 years old, Ponte Cestio, 46 ​​a. C. and Ponte Fabricio 62 BC.  The bridges of Rome are faithful witnesses of the glorious past of this beautiful city. They are not only helpful in going from one bank of the river to the other but perfect examples of the incredible engineering knowledge achieved by the Romans. Ponte Cestio, Ponte Fabricio, Ponte Sant’Angelo, and Ponte Milvio, after 2000 years, are still perfectly preserved and functional. Although today, the waters of the sacred Tiber flow slowly through the high walls built in the 19th century to avoid floods, the river is the soul of this incredible city.

Most of the river of Rome is navigable; for this reason, you can enjoy glimpses of an unusual Rome away from the noise of traffic; you can enjoy moments of great tranquility, relive history, enjoy nature, and experience moments of ancient and unique romanticism. A trip on the Tiber by boat is an experience to be lived fully. The boat tour on the Tiber is certainly not a conventional tour. It is not a tour suitable for the hasty or superficial tourist. Still, it is certainly the opportunity to understand and appreciate the essence and soul of Rome and its millenary history. You can embark from Ponte Sant’Angelo or Tiber Island to slowly navigate the heart of Rome. You can also embark on Ponte Marconi and reach Ostia Antica and the Port of Traiano. Sailing towards the mouth of the Tiber, between green banks of the sacred river of Rome, you will have the chance to admire a rare heritage of Bio-diversity, and Flora-fauna. Once left, the boat can visit one of the most beautiful and best-preserved archaeological areas worldwide, Ostia Antica.We take special care of all our customers, and our tours are ideal for first-time visitors and experts.We can customize itineraries according to your needs; they are suitable for children or the disabled on request. Our tour guides are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in art history, architecture, archeology, and gastronomy. Selected from the best official tour guides operating in Rome, Vatican City. Contact us with your preferred date to book your favorite tour in Rome. Private tours of Rome are suitable for large or small groups.

Tiber River