Rome tour in tram – Tour with dinner on a historic tram in Rome.  Join a special romantic tour with dinner on a historic tram in Rome. This tour is your best way to taste the Italian hospitality enjoying a sightseeing tour of Rome.

Tour with dinner on a historic tram

RistotramRome tour in tramJoin a special Tour with dinner on a historic tram in Rome. Our tour in Tram is your best
way to taste the excellence of Italian hospitality. You can have a 3 hours night tour along Rome and a 8 course dinner with Prosecco, wine and Coffee included.

The tour is conducted on a historic tram and you can have your dinner just in front of the Colosseum.

Let yourself be guided by the slow flow of the historic tram through the streets of Rome and enjoy a gourmet dinner based on fresh Italian ingredient.

The Tram lets you have a different prospective on the city and discover some city parts out of the standard tour paths.

Historic tram will also stop for 20 minutes in front of the Colosseum and you can have a walk around to admire the Colosseum illuminated at night.

Enjoy the streets with a special romantic candle light tour on Risotram.

The tour is enriched by live music. Tour with dinner on a historic tram will start with an aperitif with Prosecco and some snacks.

The dinner will include: Italian starters, 2 first courses, 1 second course, 2 side dishes, dessert, white and red wine, Spumante, coffee and liquors.

Cost: 70,00 euro per person. Included: 3hour tram tour, driver, 8 course dinner, water, Prosecco, wine, Spumante and coffee.

Menu is fixed. Ask for vegetarian or other special food requirements.

Departure every: Friday and Saturday at 20:30 (return time at 23:30)

On request (minimum of 10 people) every day, also at lunch.

You can also book all the tram just for you or your group exclusive service.

Ask for more information.

Tram path is: Porta maggiore, San Lorenzo district, Regina Margherita street, Parioli district, Galeno square, Torwaldsen square (National Gallery of Modern Art), return at Porta Maggiore, San Giovanni Basilica, Colosseum (with a break of 20 min), Celio’s Park, Circus Maximus, Fao building, Cestia Pyramid, Ostiense station, and way back to Porta Maggiore.

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