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Tours In Apulia, Tours of Puglia, visit and discover the Italian region with many seacoasts. Private tour packages, day trips, and guided tours to travel in Italy Eight hundred kilometers of coastline surround it from the border with Molise, between Campomarino and the mouth of Fortore, on the Adriatic, to that of Bradano, near Metaponto, on the Ionian Sea. At times high and overlooking the sea (Gargano and Salento from Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca), at times low and sandy, with long beaches invaded by millions of tourists in summer, the history of Puglia has developed. Along this coast, the Region’s first inhabitants landed, sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance or necessity, the first inhabitants of the Region coming second-most from the neighboring Illyria. Here the barbarian bands operating in the Mediterranean raided the most ferocious that of Ariademo Barbarossa, lord of Algiers and Tunis, in the 1500s Here the sublime door thought it could be the master by occupying Otranto, albeit for a short time, in 1480; along these coasts, there have been clashes and encounters for millennia. Even today Puglia, wedged as it is in the heart of the Mediterranean, is the border region that welcomes thousands of refugees from the East as in the past. Arriving in this land from the north, gradually from the “Tavoliere,” you descend towards the south, first in the Land of Bari and later in Salento; the scents and flavors of the East can almost be touched by hand. They alternate with a whole world, that of landscape, architecture, music, customs, and gastronomy, which is often the Orient. “Puglia – wrote Guido Piovene in his Journey to Italy – is the region where the East is felt most.”