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Posted on April 17, 2022

Tours in Rome Italy, Walking Private Tours of Rome and the Vatican City, Rome is the city par excellence for walking Tours; on the contrary, it can demonstrate that it can handle it on foot.

Tours in Rome Italy | The city is not small, but its countless monuments are close to each other, and there are many remains within the walls from the time of Caesar. In ways that the eye may not immediately see, ancient Rome survives in its splendid archaeological parks, magnificent monuments, and peculiar, intimate, and creative daily life. Walking tours have been an essential part of visiting Rome for eight centuries. The walking routes we offered and planned, all customizable and adaptable to your needs, were the result of our experience and inspired by the ancient tour itineraries created by Pope Benedict, canon of St. Peter, in the 12th century. He designed a route for pilgrims in the city. Tours in Rome, Walking Private Tours of Rome  | In many ways, today’s explorers will find the Eternal City just as it was in Benedict’s day, except for cars (although many areas are off-limits to cars). The results of an ambitious remediation project are beginning to be felt; many structures are emerging from their plastic drapes of restoration. We can say that no other time has Rome’s monuments, palaces, and churches been in such immaculate condition. The marble facades have recently been scrubbed to their original creamy white sheen, and the stuccoes have been meticulously repainted with gorgeous pastels.

Tours in Rome Italy | Rome walking City tours
Tours in Rome Italy
Tours in Rome Italy
Tours in Rome, Walking Private Tours of Rome and the Vatican City, Private Tours Small Group guided sightseeing Tours to visit the highlights.

Tours in Rome, Italy, Walking Private Tours of Rome, and the Vatican City highlights | A wanderer can see many signs of this general cleansing. A group of white-coated restorers carefully brushed the dirt off cherubs and angels. A worker bends over the road, replacing some cobblestones, the omnipresent pavement of volcanic rock called St. Peter’s Square. If accompanied by your official tour guide, you can travel through labyrinthine streets and discover secret places of indisputable charm. Rome’s famous seven hills may seem significant in history, but many of them are, in fact, smaller than a block. In 390 BC, the Servian walls surrounding the city and its seven hills extended for 62 miles. Emperor Aurelio grew the walls by another 5 miles. Now a metropolis of 582 square miles, Rome encompasses all seven hills, plus Trastevere, the area beyond the Tiber. The Campo Marzio, or Campi Marziani, located in the river plains of the Tiber.

Among the hills, numerous narrow valleys were crossed by spring streams. These small valleys, now marked with street names such as clivus or hill – rather than “road” – were swampy, unhealthy, malaria-ridden areas. The city’s patricians lived on the tops of the hills; the plebeians lived below.Tours in Rome Italy, Walking Private Tours of Rome  | The physical and social complexity of Imperial Rome grew with the Empire’s expansion; monuments were raised to emperors and gods. They built giant structures like the Pantheon on the plains.Forums were conducted business, and bathhouses, libraries, courts, theaters, and sports arenas began to fill the once marshy valley areas. Tours in Rome Italy, Walking Private Tours of Rome, and the Vatican City, Rome is the city par excellence for Walking Tours

Tours in Rome Italy

A 3000-year-old city was not designed for cars, and a traveler might find it an evil presence. We can say that early in the morning or late in the evening is the best time to take a walking tour of Rome, but lunchtime is also good; it is the sleepy hour when the Romans – and their cars stop, and a visitor can savor the streets in silence and illuminated by the sun.The walking tours in Rome can all be customized. They can be short or long and tailored to your needs. All walks can be customized for history and art lovers: Medieval Rome – Pilgrims and dangers and Masterpieces of architecture through the centuries. For relaxing walks designed to soak up the atmosphere, consider strolling around the Pantheon and Campo Dei Fiori districts or the Bridges tour.

Walking Private Tours of Rome and the Vatican City | Among the many walks we offer in Rome are the Suburra, where gladiators once lived, the ancient Jewish ghetto, and Trastevere. In addition to pointing out the things that meet the eye, our guides will also introduce an underground Rome of hidden rivers and ancient ruins below street level. But no matter which routes you choose, keep reminding yourself to look up: at the glorious domes and steeples; to the secret rooftop gardens; to the flocks of starlings and swallows, and the new feathered visitors of Rome, the cormorants, and sea eagles; to the billowing clouds above the low Roman skyline, especially after a north wind has blown away the dirt. In short, book one of our tours for your holiday in Rome or send your request for a personalized visit.