Vatican City official guided Tour – Skip the line
Official Vatican Museum guided Tours, Rome. Vatican Museum Tour includes the entrance fee for the Vatican Museum , Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica , tour in english, skip the line – Rome

Vatican Museum Tour – Best price Guaranteed !!!

Skip the lines and get the VIP entrance, in small groups, to visit the Vatican Museum with our official tour guides. Our tours of the Vatican Museum Tour also includes a visit to the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica .

Vatican Museum Tour- A highlight-tour through the Vatican City’sfamous museums, containing one of the largest and most spectacular art display in the World, including the ancient Roman and Greek statuary collection of the Renaissance popes, Belvedere cortyard,  Muse’s rooms, Circolar room with Hercules, Greek cross room with Constantine’s sarcofagus,  the  Gallery of Maps  overlooking the Vatican Gardens, Raffael’s rooms and finally  Michelangelo’s breathtaking  Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel. You will journey through the history and the secret enveloping the Catholic Church and hear the stories of rivalries of the Renaissance artists. Continuing on through the Basilica of St. Peter you’ll marvel at the masterpieces of the Baroque genius Bernini (his Canopy is the largest bronze object in the world) and at the awe-inspiring Pietà . End of The Tour (FREE TIME – Entering in the Basilica of St. Peter) As you walk below the Basilica, through dimly-lit tunnels towards,our guides will indicate you  the Vatican Grottes the resting place of many popes,  and you will also,individually have the chance to stop by the tomb of Pope John Paul II.