Transporte público de Roma

Rome Public Transportation how to go around the city of Rome have information on getting to and around Rome, going from and to airports in Rome, getting information about trains in Italy, buses in Rome, Taxis in Rome, and other tourist transportation options.

Horarios y coste de los billetes de tren de Roma

Tren a Florencia desde Roma

Viajar en tren a Roma

Autobuses en Roma

There is an extensive bus system in Rome that covers all of Rome city 24 hours; you can be amazed by the number of buses.

Transporte público de Roma
Transporte público de Roma

Rome Public Transportation | Italian buses have three doors, and your board by either the front or the back door; the middle door is for getting off the bus only. When you board the bus, you must punch your ticket into the machine at the back of the bus; this stamps a time on the Ticket, and the access is now valid for the next 100 minutes or day (if you bought it daily) on any of the city buses. Regrettably, there are no routines. Tickets can be purchased at Tabaccherie, some bars, and metro stations where you can buy a 100 minutes ticket for 1.50 €, daily access for 6.00€, a monthly ticket for 35.00€ or a yearly ticket.

If you would like to go somewhere by bus at the bus stops, it is best to ask your Hotel Receptionist which number bus(es) you should take. The receptionist should have a bus Direction which shows all the routings.

Rome Public Transportation | Taxis in Rome


You can find a taxi station almost in each Piazza (square).

It is better to use yellow or white taxis; private taxis are not usually metered. If you call Taxi to be picked up at your hotel, you will also pay an extra charge. Extra supplements, also, for luggage and journeys from/ to the airport. Useful Radio taxis numbers: 06 3570 ; 06 661717 ; 06 6645 ; 06 5551 ; 06 6696.

Rome Public Transportation how to go around the city of Rome

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