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Rome SPA Relax & Wellbeing Tours, Visit Rome with one of our wellness private guided tours and then enjoy Baths Relax & Wellness in one of the Spas in Rome.

Thermal baths in Rome or near Rome, the natural springs where you can go to relax after a tour, a trip, or an excursion.
After a stressful day, relax in one of Lazio’s spa complexes. Some of the spas have a thousand-year history and are famous for their therapeutic waters.
The tradition of body care (Mens Sana in Corpore Sano) is a tradition that originates in ancient Rome. The ancient Romans considered the baths and spas an integral part of their life, and for this reason, public baths were built to which people from all walks of life went. Tour in Rome has created a series of guided tours that also include a break in one of the many thermal baths, spas, and wellness centers that can find in and around Rome. After a hectic day, you can relax and pamper yourself for a well-deserved relaxation break by choosing one of our suggested packages.
Rome SPA Relax & Wellbeing Tours | Tour in Rome offers a careful selection of the most beautiful and well-equipped spas, spas, and wellness resorts in Rome and Italy to enjoy professional and regenerating body treatments.
You can choose between our offers or send us your request to create your personalized tour and treatment.
Private tour of Rome and wellness treatments in a spa, hammam treatments in Rome
Rome city Tours of one or two days plus relaxing spas in Rome or its surroundings.
Rome Relax & Wellbeing Tours | Rome is a beautiful but chaotic city, and taking a relaxing break can be a unique and unforgettable experience suitable for any occasion. Thanks to the tradition and volcanic origins of the territory in Rome and its surroundings, there are many spas or spas where you can relax and take care of your body, benefiting from highly professional services. If you intend to give yourself a moment of total relaxation and complete your visit to Rome in style, send us your request or book one of our tours of Rome, including a wellness service. In recent years, many spas and wellness centers have been opened or renovated in Rome and Lazio, where at the end of your tour, trip or excursion, you can find your psycho-physical shape and take care of yourself. Make your holiday in Rome unique and unforgettable by booking a tour, including a break in a Spa, a wellness center, or a thermal center. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in Rome. After taking a city tour or visiting the Colosseum or the Vatican Museums, Ostia Antica, etc., you could relax in a wellness center and regenerate your body.
Rome Relax & Wellbeing Tours | Treat yourself to luxury service, make your holiday unique and special, choose one of our Rome tour packages including relaxation and wellness or send us your request for a personalized offer. All our tours can be planned for individuals and small or large groups and adapted for any occasion, anniversaries, corporate events, cultural events, etc. do not hesitate to send your request to travel and relax!