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Rome Tour | Rome Private Tours. Business or Pleasure trips, tailor-made Itineraries. Exclusive visits to the Vatican City and Rome. Travel Agency in Italy.

It was founded in 753 BC. Rome was not built in a day. 

This city has a thousand faces that surprise the visitor at every step. Famous for the Colosseum and the Vatican, this city is steeped in art, history, and architecture and boasts over 150 museums, art galleries, and over a thousand churches. Rome, also known as the Eternal City, offers tourists the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Italian gastronomy. Tourists must optimize the time available to them during their holiday in Rome. By booking a private tour of this incredible city, you will have the opportunity to experience your dream holiday fully. (Rome Tour)

For many tourists, it is not easy to understand how advantageous it is to visit this city accompanied by a tour guide. They often prefer to book group tours only based on price rather than quality. A tour with a private guide will give you the opportunity to discover not only the history of this wonderful and ancient city but also the essence and soul of its inhabitants.

Customized Tours

We at Tour in Rome, thanks to our passion and thirty years of experience, know the needs of tourists well and can plan the best services and itineraries to satisfy even the most demanding visitors. We specialize in organizing personalized Rome Tours and its surroundings, the Vatican, and all other Italian cities. Our drivers and guides have been selected and can handle every type of visitor. All means of transport used for transfers (limousines, deluxe cars, minivans, minibusses, electric cars, golf cars, etc.) are of the latest generation and equipped with every comfort. Authorized and highly professional guides will be your best, expert, and trusted friends in Rome. Relax and enjoy your holiday; we will pick you up at the hotel and accompany you to discover Rome and Italy. With our private tours, you can explore and discover the wonders of the Bel Paese. Our tours always include tickets to access museums, archaeological areas, and art galleries included in our itineraries based on your requests.

Our customers? Our most trusted communicators.

Even though Tour in Rome is present on the most important online and offline sales channels, most requests arrive thanks to word of mouth from our customers. For us, the most excellent satisfaction is in making our customers happy and realizing the experience of their dreams. We have collected thousands of positive comments thanks to our many years of commitment and dedication. For over 10 consecutive years, we have obtained quality certificates from the most famous web comment reviews, such as Trip Advisor, Google, and Trustpilot.

Cruises: Private Tours for cruise passengers (Rome Tour)

Do you want to come to Rome on a cruise ship? In this case, a personalized private tour is undoubtedly the best option. You will be welcomed at the port by one of our drivers and accompanied, without wasting time, to Rome. Our private tours in Rome and Italy will save you from waiting for other passengers and start your adventure immediately to make the most of your trip and have complete comfort and safety in visiting Rome.

You can be a Roman in Rome.

Booking a guide to visit Rome may seem expensive, (Rome Tour) but in reality, you will discover that you will not only save time but also money and countless frustrations. You will have the opportunity to explore not only the best-known attractions but also those many hidden treasures that many visitors miss when fully discovering the city of Rome.

Our guides will be able to take you to discover the true soul of this city, those places less visited by mass tourism, squares, alleys, fountains, and churches, allowing you to go shopping, enjoy a natural artisanal ice cream, or fully enjoy of a food tasting with quality wine pairing in a wine cellar with more than 2000 years of history. (Trastevere Wine Cellar Fabullus)

Look at our Tours

All our proposed tours are customized and adapted to satisfy every type of request. Guided tours for corporate events, leisure, or celebrating an anniversary (Birthdays, Weddings, etc.) Food and wine tours for the most refined palates, Horseback riding, Tours and special openings of the most important museums and archaeological areas, underground, Tours in vintage cars or vintage scooters, tours in a carriage or on foot or with luxury vehicles, cruises on the Tiber River, cooking classes, etc. In short, we can fulfill every request: Gala dinners, dinners in historic buildings, exclusive locations, special openings of museums and archaeological areas, underground catacombs, etc.

Don’t hesitate to send your request and prepare to live an unforgettable experience.

Tour in Rome
Tour in Rome