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Wedding in Rome offers packages and tours, trips and excursions for Honey Mooners (Honey Moon). Wedding Planner to get married in the eternal City.
A wedding in Rome is an eternal bond, and every person holds some particular dream about marriage. Wedding planners customize services and packages to get married in Rome’s most romantic and beautiful locations.
Organizing a marriage ceremony is not easy, but a professional wedding planner can help you; he will guide you through creating a Taylor-made event with a stress-free attitude.
If you are curious to know more about Italian wedding planners, our Event planning organization will assist you in choosing the several services it usually provides.
Wedding in Rome aims to save money and time for getting a fantastic and affordable arrangement for your wedding at a reasonable cost!
Our consultants will make your wedding the most memorable celebration.
You will imagine how beautiful your marriage ceremony would be with a free consultation.
Get married in Rome and stay relaxed at home; we will handle the whole ceremony!
Wedding in Rome our wide range of facilities includes:
3All-Inclusive Wedding Package, Wedding Day & Consulting Package, Wedding Day Package, Location Search, Tents, Rentals Linens, Floral, Theme Design, Favors & More, Imprinted Accessories, Music & All Entertainment
Caterers, Photography / Videography, Honeymoon, etc. These are only a sample of possibilities!
Wedding in Rome Why hire a Wedding Planner? Save money: stay within your budget and get the best Wedding Event of your dreams.
Save Time: Average Weddings / Events can take over one thousand hours or more to plan.
It becomes challenging to manage planning an event that takes up a lot of time and incorporates your everyday lifestyle.
Instead, you are booking vendors, analyzing contracts, and remembering all the details you want in place for that particular day.
The planner will make the phone calls, meet with vendors, do the running around you would do, and keep you informed of everything, keeping your mind at ease. Most importantly, on the day of the event, your Event Planner, together with professional coordinators, will make the best Wedding / Event of your dreams, so you can relax and enjoy it as if you were a guest yourself.
Weddings in the “Eternal City”
Rome offers several wedding options from the Palace of Civil Wedding, named “Campidoglio,” to beautiful Basilicas and Churches.
This Eternal City is considered one of the world’s most unforgettable marriage destinations.
Wedding planner in Rome | It offers solutions for every budget and style with its three civil wedding halls and the widest selection of churches and basilicas.
For example, get married in Rome in the historic Jewish ghetto, a beautiful Synagogue is available for a Roman Jewish ceremony, while couples wanting to get married with an Orthodox or Protestant rite can choose a great selection of ornately decorated churches.
Wedding in Rome offers a wide variety, whether you desire dinner in an old restaurant surrounded by Roman ruins, in a private Baroque Palazzo with magnificent interiors, in one of the about one thousand churches in Rome, or St. Peter’s Basilica.
Wedding in Rome and try to imagine your “magical event” on a terrace admiring the Roman view! It is a sight that will remain etched forever in your memory.
Towed in Rome, it’s a perfect solution to create a unique event.
Wedding in Rome and Honey Moon | Furthermore, the capital of Italy allows you to benefit from some advantages such as easy access to Fiumicino or Ciampino airport and the ideal spot to start exploring the rest of the country for an Italian honeymoon!

Tour in Rome
Tour in Rome