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I tour gastronomici di Roma godono dei migliori posti per mangiare a Roma.

Rome half-day food tour, morning or evening food tours, Rome food tour. Join us on our food and wine food tours, and taste authentic roman dishes and local wines.

Rome food tours with pizza, pasta, and other typical Italian food. Meet vendors in a local market sample eating, drinking, and sightseeing tours in Rome. Visit the best sites of Rome and taste delicious specialties with our expert tour guides.

Learn how to appreciate Italian food, its delicious flavors, superb dishes, and best ingredients such as spices, vegetables, mozzarella di Bufala, salami, prosciutto, cheese, pizza, mortadella, gelato, supplì, homemade pasta, and much, much more.

With our tour guides, you will discover the rich culture, food traditions, and delicious regional cuisine away from the tourist crowds.

Rome Cooking Classes, a real Cooking class with a professional Chef !!! 

Tour a RomaThanks to our passion and experience, you can enjoy a complete experience to satisfy your curiosity and palate by tasting Roman cuisine’s deliciousness.

Rome food tours – Visit the oldest food markets and grocery stores in Rome, and learn to distinguish the finest ingredients to prepare simple, tasty dishes. A unique experience that will give you the chance to discover the culinary secrets of Roman cuisine.

Rome food tours are guided cultural walking tours that allow you to taste Rome’s best walking tours with a local Roman guide.

Tour gastronomici di Roma, Tour gastronomici privati, Tour gastronomici di gruppo.

Our tour guides are professional, friendly, and experts in art, history, architecture, archaeology, and Gastronomy.

Roma Tour personalizzati | Siamo selezionati tra le migliori guide turistiche ufficiali di Roma, Città del Vaticano e Italia. Le nostre guide turistiche sono liete di condividere l'entusiasmo e le conoscenze per rendere memorabile la vostra vacanza in Italia.

 Contattaci con la tua data preferita per prenotare il tour selezionato a Roma

I tour privati ​​di Roma sono adatti ad anziani, disabili e bambini!!!

 Rome food tours – Skip the line – No lines tours, individual entrances to visit the most important sites.

Guide Roma Tour, Salta fila, Servizio VIP Tour guidati Roma, Itinerari Roma Tour personalizzati tour ufficiali, Roma – Italia.

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