River Tiber In Rome | Tours in Rome

River Tiber In Rome | Tours in Rome
River Tiber In Rome | Tours in Rome

River Tiber In Rome, history and legends about the Myth of the eternal city and the Romans. Exclusive Private Tours in Rome and the Tiber by boat, aperitives and romantic dinners.

The love between Rome and its River Tiber has a thousand-year history.
Rome and the Tiber are one, a marriage between father and son. Thanks to the Tiber river, the first inhabitants of this area, in the center of Italy, were able to develop and weave relationships between the many tribes who lived in these places. History, legend, and nature come together, giving us beauty, superstition, and myths.

The River Tiber in the millenary history of Rome
A river envelops the city, feeds it, and offers visitors romantic and unique views. It can say that the River Tiber is the soul of Rome, the cradle of a civilization that has left its mark on the history of mankind. Its precious waters have been the lifeblood since Rome’s foundation, which has allowed one of the most beautiful and admired cities in the world to develop on its shores. For tens of thousands of years, flowing water has dug, eroded, and shaped the volcanic soil, creating gentle bends and spectacular landscapes. The legend of Romulus and Remus also confirms the importance of the River Tiber. As soon as they were born, they abandoned them in a basket where a fig tree, “Ficus ruminalis,” ran aground, feeding on the sweet nectar of the fruit. It all began with Aeneas, who escaped from Troy, landed not far from the mouth of the Tiber, at the time called the Albula river, and once he got back up, he settled not far from the place where the Eternal city was later founded, Rome.

The river was named after a river deity, possibly Etruscan, Tiberinus.
Romans of all eras have always respected this river, going so far as to deify it and then represent it, in sculptural and pictorial art, in the likeness of a bearded man, with an imposing physicality that supports a cornucopia from which overflowing fruits and vegetable symbol of abundance and well-being.
Since the dawn of its foundation, the inhabitants of Rome have constantly tried to tame the waters of the river to exploit it better, building embankments several times or even planning its diversion to avoid frequent floods. In short, a relationship of love and respectful respect that, after countless and disastrous floods, forced the Romans to harness the river by building, in 1870, what is now called the “Muraglioni.” Today the banks of the Tiber are physically separated from the rest of the city, but the bond with its inhabitants is still alive and strong.
The Tiber is and will always be present in Rome’s past, present, and future history, and still today, the inhabitants feel it as an integral and inseparable part of their city.

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