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Rome Theme Parks

Rome Theme Parks, Amusement parks in Rome, travel and visit with children the best parks in Rome and near Rome to have fun with your family. Everyone knows that Rome is famous and known worldwide for its monuments and museums. Still, Rome can offer much more to entertain children and give carefree moments with the family. Among the attractions suitable for children, many Theme parks or other recreational activities can be visited during your holiday in Rome and have a fun day. Among the various attractions for children, there is the Cinecittà World dedicated to the history of cinema and in which there are many games, from virtual reality to rides to water games, all themed of the most famous films and ancient Rome with faithful reconstructions of important monuments of antiquity.

Restaurants, bars, shops, and all services are guaranteed. Zoomarine Water amusement park The Zoomarine Water amusement park is not only a place to have fun with the family but also an educational one.

Rome Theme Parks, Amusement parks in Rome,

Rome | The Rainbow MagicLand. This is the largest amusement park near Rome, with attractions for children and older ones. Dozens and dozens of incredible rides, aquatic and medieval-themed, with dragons, ancient lost cities, lakes, cave tunnels, roller coasters, and a series of shows will entertain adults and children. Restaurants, bars, shops, and every service are guaranteed. 

Here, you can learn about the many animals in the park and attend performances by dolphins, seals, sea lions, turtles, and penguins. You can dive into the pool by sliding off the countless water slides and experience surfing. Restaurants, bars, shops, and all services are guaranteed. In short, Rome is a city for all tastes and all ages, from children to adults. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your family or friends to one of Rome’s countless amusement parks. We can organize guided tours, including a visit to one of the amusement parks our beautiful city can offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.