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Rome Angels and Demons Tour – Visit the sites of the famous novel by Dan Brown. With an expert and official tour guide of Rome. Morning or afternoon sightseeing tours Visit the Place of Angels and Demons in Dan Brown’s novel.

Tours of Rome Angels and Demons sightseeing guided tour – WHEN AN ANCIENT BROTHERHOOD IS REBORN! Angels and Demons Tour – In the 17th century Baroque Rome, amidst political intrigues and inquisition trials, one of the most influential secret societies in history was meeting covertly: The Illuminati. Follow the clues and solve the enigmas scattered throughout the Eternal City by Bernini and Galileo that, once solved, would lead Illuminati adepts to their hidden lair. The key clues to decode, to follow the Path of the Illumination, were to be found at the Four Altars of Science connected to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. TO SAVE THE VATICAN TO THE UNIMAGINABLE! “From Santi’s earthly tomb with demon’s hole ‘Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold’. The path is laid; the sacred test let angels lead you on your lofty quest” You will be guided on a unique experience during which you will visit the most beautiful piazzas in Rome, to sites where pagan symbolism and Christianity intermix to reveal a disturbing ancient truth. Join us for an unforgettable visit to some of the most beautiful places in the Eternal City, and breathe in an atmosphere of intrigue, mystery and revelation! Follow in the footsteps of Tom Hanks and Ron Howard and re-live Robert Langdon’s thrilling chase through Rome to save the Vatican, and discover first-hand the Altars of Science of Dan Brown’s sensational novel “Angels and Demons”. The Official Tour and upcoming movie have got the world talking! Don’t miss your chance to participate!

Rome Angels and Demons Tour

TRUTH, REVENGE, ANSWERS, FAITHS…YOU MUST FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE ILLUMINATION! EARTH…FIRST ALTAR OF THE SCIENCE. The mysterious Rome Angels and Demons Tour begins  from the Northern Gates of Rome, Porta del Popolo, to discover one of the most famous square of Rome and its church, Piazza del Popolo and the church of Santa Maria del Popolo. Here, the statues of Habbakuk and the Angel, by G.L. Bernini, indicate the way down the Path of the Illumination, and also the Chigi pyramid tomb with numerous symbols and vault referring to zodiac signs designed by Raphael. In the Chigi Chapel we will find the first Altar of Science and, exactly, in the subterranean crypt where the first cardinal is found dead with a burn on his chest…an ambigram: EARTH!!! AIR…SECOND ALTAR OF THE SCIENCE. The adventurous Rome Angels and Demons Tour continues inside the Vatican State: West Ponente, the west wind medallion the second altar, close to which the second cardinal is murdered by puncturing his lungs. Discovering Saint Peter Square with the obelisk, and the largest Christian church in the world, Catholic churches’ mother and museum church. To contemplate the Papal altar, the golden coffer surrounded by ninety- nine glowing ail lamps. It was said they would burn until the end of the time; also, the baldachin covering the tomb of St. Peter. FIRE…THIRD ALTAR OF SCIENCE. Discovering the third element in the beautiful church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, where the third cardinal is burnt alive, and visiting the Cornano Chapel, the astonishing Ecstasy of St. Teresa, woman inflamed by passion’s fire. The most expression of the Baroque art, the Bernini masterpiece and the Angel which indicates the way down of the last Altar of the science.

Rome Angels and Demons Tour

The Rome Angels and Demons Tour continues with WATER…FOURTH ALTAR OF SCIENCE The experience will let us to visit the Pantheon Temple, built by emperor Adrian in the 2nd century A.D. and perfectly preserved, and Raphael ’s Tomb. The dimensions of the Pantheon’s main chamber were a tribute to Gaea, goodness of the earth. The huge temple devoted to all the pagan gods and goddesses, became a Christian Church. The largest dome, ever built in the past, is famous for the circular opening in the middle: it is still subject of mysterious folk stories. Once Rome Angels and Demons Tour gave you all the information inside the church of Illumination, we will able to reveal The last highlight … Navona Square and the Four Rivers Fountain, tribute to water by Bernini to represent the four most important rivers of the Old World: Rio della Plata, the Nile, Ganges and Danube corresponded to the Continents America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In the middle of the fountain the pagan angel will show you the way to the secret temple of the Illuminati… let’s follow the angel’s indication to arrive to the revelation! CASTEL SANT’ANGELO… THE ILLUMINATE’S LAIR  Bernini’s Angel on the Bridge of Angels over the Tiber…the magnificent Castel, a medieval fortress with classical statues, ruins…and the balcony on the top of the Castel to have a breathtaking overview of the “Passetto” (open only on specific request), the way which connects the Vatican to Castel Sant’Angelo , visited also by Dan Brown after the Papal audience. End of Rome Angels and Demons Tour.

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