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Colosseum Official Guided Tours

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Colosseum Official Guided tours

Colosseum Official Guided tours

Colosseum Official Guided Tours Rome, Official Private or Group Tours of the Coliseum (Colosseo or Flavian Amphitheater) Palatine and Roman Forum in English with privileged entrance.
Colosseum Private tours including Palatine, Roman Forum guided tour, ticket taxes – Not Line
Colosseum Official Guided tours | Official guided tour through the Coliseum, the most impressive of all ancient roman monuments, putting thousands of people and wild animals to death before a blood-thirsty audience. Learn about the incredible engineering genius of the Romans and about the astonishing speed at which they were able to build. Be trained about the foolish emperors that performed in the arena as gladiators.

Colosseum Official Guided Tours | Enter and walk through the heart of the ancient city. Visiting the roman forum and the Palatine Hill, our professional tour guides will bring back to life the memories of a lost world, from the assassination of Julius Caesar to fascinating details of daily life in ancient Rome. See the very spot where the body of Julius Caesar was cremated, the arch of Titus, the temple of the vestal virgins, the senate-house, the antique market, the brothels, and walk on the via sacra, where legions once marched during the triumphal parades.
Colosseum Official Guided tours | Visit palatine hill, the core of the seven hills, the most ancient part of the city, where, according to the legend, in 753 BC, Romulus founded Rome after killing his brother Remo. It later became a place where many emperors built their palaces; we will explore the vestiges of these luxurious residences that crowned the hilltop: the remains of Romulus’s hut, the house of Augustus Octavian, the private hippodrome of Domitian, the aqueduct of Claudius, and much more… Your tour guide will be delighted to pass-on good suggestions on restaurants, wine bars, and other helpful information Coliseum and roman forum’s privileged entrance. (Book your Colosseum Official Guided Tours).
Colosseum Official Guided tours | Colosseo (Colosseum) – It’s said that when the Colosseum falls, Rome will fall, and the world will follow. This symbol of Rome, the grandest and most celebrated of all its monuments, was completed in 
Colosseum Official Guided Tours. AD 80 is a logical starting point for a visitor to ancient Rome. See it in daylight, and return to see it by moonlight. The enormous arena, one-third of a mile in circumference and 137 feet high, accommodated 50,000 spectators. A special detachment of sailors stretched a great awning over the top to provide shade in the summer. There were 80 entrances (progressively numbered, except for the four main ones), allowing the crowds to claim their marble seats quickly. Underneath were subterranean passages that hid animals and apparatus from view. In the arena, Christians were thrown to lions, wild beasts destroyed, and gladiators fought each other, often to the death. Gladiatorial combats lasted until 404, when Honorius ended them (possibly after a monk had thrown himself into the arena in protest and was killed by the angry crowd); they stopped animal combats toward the middle of the 6th century.
Colosseum Official Guided Tours. Later generations abused the Colosseum. It was a fort in the Middle Ages, something of a quarry during the Renaissance when its marble and travertine were used to construct St. Peter’s and other buildings. Yet it remains the very symbol of the grandeur of Rome.
Coliseum official guided tour – Rates per person including Palatine and Roman Forum guided tour, ticket, and taxes.
Colosseum Official Guided tours | Meeting time and Meeting point can change depending on the season; it will be communicated with the confirmation or booking a private tour of the Colosseum, Meeting time and Meeting point can be changed depending on your needs.