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Villa Borghese, Rome Park of Villa and Gallery Borghese | Rome walking Tours. Visit Gardens and monuments in Rome. Private Guided Tour in Rome and tickets

Villa Borghese | Rome Park of Villa Borghese | Rome walking Tours

Rome Parco di Villa Borghese is located in the center of Rome and occupies a large area, the city’s green lung. There are many buildings, fountains, statues, and numerous monuments; all works by artists between 1600 and 1800 (Baroque and Neoclassical Art). in the Italian style dotted with small lakes inhabited by local fauna, otters, swans, ducks, etc. You can follow countless historical paths among a luxuriant nature, perfect for practicing sports or for simple and relaxing walks. Among the Villa’s most evocative and pleasant places is the Garden of the Lake, where it is possible to rent small boats. From the center of the lake, visitors can admire Aesculapius’s temple, Raphael’s tiny house, the Sundial, the secret gardens, the Garden of the Bird, the Old Garden, the Sundial, and the Cultivation Garden.

Villa Borghese | Rome Park of Villa Borghese | Rome walking Tours Villa_Borghese Roma Tour_in_Rome

Among the other monuments is the Fountain of the satyrs and the splendid Piazza di Siena where horse racing competitions are held yearly. Among the many important buildings in the park of Villa Borghese, we can visit the Casino Borghese del Vasanzio, known by the name of Galleria Borghese ; the Canonica museum in the Fortezzuola, the most important Etruscan Museum in the world of Villa Giulia, the Gallery of Modern Art and the famous Parco Dei Daini.

Among the many things that can find inside the park, there is a Roman tomb called Colombario di via Pinciana from the 2nd century AD.

Near the Casino Delle Rose, there is an area dedicated to children. In addition, to riding ponies, there is a cinema, the possibility of renting bicycles, and you can also get on board an electric train to tour the park.

Commissioned by Pope Paul V, the park’s construction was entrusted to his nephew Scipione Borghese (! 608- 1633), who gave the project to Giovanni Vasanzio, Flaminio Ponzo, Girolamo Rainaldi (1621). The gardens were designed by Domenico Savino from Montepulciano. Only in the 18th century, thanks to Marcantonio Borghese, were the completion, improvement, and restoration works of Villa Borghese carried out by Antonio and Mario Asprucci. Over the years, they built avenues and paths and added many monuments and fountains visible today. Even in the 19th century, the brothers Camillo and Francesco Borghese carried out essential interventions in the park of Villa Borgese. The park’s surface was enlarged and added many monuments, including the Arch of Septimius Severus and the Greek Propylaea of ​​the Egyptians. In 1849, under the French army siege, the vegetation suffered damage and destroyed many Villa Borghese furnishings. Only from the early 1900s did the Villa Borghese park return to its former glory once the Italian State acquired it.

Villa_Borghese Roma Tour_in_Rome

Rome’s largest and most lovely park is about four miles in circumference. Card laid it out. Scipio Borghese, the favorite nephew of Pope Paul V (1605 -1621), is decorated with beautiful fountains, small waterfalls, artificial lakes, imitations of ancient monuments, and a large hippodrome.

Up to 1901, it was the private property and residence of the Borghese family, who often used to give in its feasts and entertainments to popes and noble families in which, sometimes, also the people of Rome participated. In 1903 it was bought by the Italian government and presented to Rome as a public promenade. Official Rome and Vatican tour Guide, Rome walking city Tours.

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